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Bacon Numbers and Lots of Other Trivia

 The 'Bacon' Number... this is the number of times an actor has been in a movie with KEVIN BACON!  Actually, it's a little more complicated than than.  It can also represent who played in a Bacon movie with someone who worked with that actor.  Think of it as a 'cousin twice removed' kind of thing and you've got it.  For more info goto

Space Academy

2                Jonathan Harris                                 2            Don Pedro Colley

3                Maggie Cooper                                 2            Dena Dietrich

2                Brian Tochi                                       1            Howard Morris

2                Ty Henderson                                   2            Arnold Soboloff

2                Ric Carrott                                        2            George DiCenzo

2                Pamelyn Ferdin                                  2            Dallas McKennon

Eric Greene, Larry Dobkin, Paula Wagner do not have a Bacon Number.

Jason of Star Command

2                Craig Littler, Jason  

2                Charlie Dell, Professor E.J. Parsafoot  

2                James Doohan, Commander Canarven

2                Tamara Dobson, Samantha

John Russell (Commander Stone), Susan O'Hanlon (Capt. Nicole Davidoff) and Sid Haig (Dragos), have no number.     

What does all this mean?  Howard Morris actually worked with Kevin Bacon ( 1 ).   The rest...worked with someone who worked with Kevin Bacon ( 2 ) except for Maggie Cooper who worked with someone who worked with someone else who actually worked with Kevin Bacon ( 3 ). 

The Blue Team had prior opportunities to 'play' with each other before becoming Academy cadets...

Brady Bunch:  Pamelyn Ferdin, Brian Tochi

Patridge Family:  Ty Henderson (episode # 90), Ric Carrott (episode # 42), Brian Tochi (episode #2.34)

Bill Dana Show:  Jonathan Harris, Pamelyn Ferdin, Howard Morris

Nanny & The Professor: Ric Carrott (1971, "Sunday's Hero"-playing, what else?  A football player!  See, The Swinging Cheerleaders for Ric bareback), Brian Tochi (1971, 'One For the Road').

Starsky & Hutch:  Ric Carrott, Don Pedro Colley, Ty Henderson

Star Trek:  Brian Tochi, Pamelyn Ferdin

Barretta:  Ty Henderson, Pamelyn Ferdin, Geogre DiCenzo

Love American Style:  Ric Carrott, Pamelyn Ferdin, Jonathan Harris, Howard Morris

The Love Boat:  Howard Morris, Ric Carrott, Dena Dietrich, Craig Littler (JoSC)

Marcus Welby, M.D.:  Brian Tochi, Pamelyn Ferdin

C.H.I.P.S.:  Ty Henderson, Pamelyn Ferdin, Maggie Cooper

Apple's Way:  Ty Henderson, Pamelyn Ferdin

Barnaby Jones:  Ric Carrott, Maggie Cooper

Vega$:  Jonathan Harris, Pamelyn Ferdin

Fantasy Island:  Jonathan Harris, Ric Carrott, Sid Haig (JoSC)

Twilight Zone:  Jonathan Harris, Brian Tochi, Howard Morris

Daniel Boone:  Don Pedro Colley, Pamelyn Ferdin, Dallas McKennon

Kung Fu:  Brian Tochi, George DiCenzo

Hawaii Five-O:  Brian Tochi, Ty Henderson, George DiCenzo

The Streets of San Francisco:  Pamelyn Ferdin, George DiCenzo

Gunsmoke:  Pamelyn Ferdin, George DiCenzo

Rockford Files:  Ric Carrott, George DiCenzo

Alfred Hitchcock Presents:  Howard Morris, George DiCenzo

The Andy Griffith Show:  Pamelyn Ferdin, George DiCenzo, Dallas McKennon, Howard Morris

Murder, She Wrote:  Howard Morris, George DiCenzo

The Bob Newhart Show:  Howard Morris, Ric Carrott

Kraft Television Theatre:  Jonathan Harris, Howard Morris

Police Story:  George DiCenzo, Ty Henderson

Kojak:  Arnold Soboloff, George DiCenzo

Cannon:  George DiCenzo, Dallas McKennon

Bonanza:  Dallas McKennon, Jonanthan Harris

Jetsons:  Howard Morris, Dallas McKennon

Bionic Six:  Brian Tochi, Howard Morris

Police Academy:  Brian Tochi, Howard Morris

Santa Barbara:  Brian Tochi, Ty Henderson, Dena Dietrich

Bewitched:  Howard Morris, Jonathan Harris

The Blue Knight:  Ric Carrott, George DiCenzo

N.Y.P.D. Blue:  Dena Dietrich, George DiCenzo

Emergency!:  Ty Henderson, Dena Dietrich

Get Smart:  Jonathan Harris, Howard Morris

Trapper John, M.D.:  Howard Morris, Dena Dietrich, Maggie Cooper

David Cassidy - Man Undercover:  Maggie Cooper, Ty Henderson

Short Lived and to the Point...

Ty Henderson played on Big Shamus/Little Shamus but it was cancelled after only a few aired dates!  Bummer, Ty.  

Eric Greene played King Tut in Through the Magic Pyramid, aka Tut and Tuttle, occasionally offered on eBay (VHS) and goes for over $30.   

Brian Tochi and Mark Hammill both did voice work for Batman Beyond.                                                           

While this is NOT an exhaustive list, those of us who saw Space Academy's original airing would have seen these shows, or know of them. 

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