Text Box: I asked people to respond to the following questions about why they watched the show.  
Was it the fact that it was the first live-action, mostly child acted, television series ever produced for Saturday mornings?
Was it because of name recognizable actors, specifically, Jonathan Harris?
Perhaps it was the special effects, some of which became pioneering wonders for such a limited budget feature?
Could it have been the new technology viewers saw or educational value from the show?
Here is what demographic research revealed...
Average viewing age in 1977-1979:  12 years old.
Youngest viewer: 7              Oldest viewer:  29
Favorite character:  Jonathan Harris as Gampu.
Main reason given for watching:  To see special effects.
Second reason given:  To see the Seekers-the Academy shuttle craft.
Third reason given:  Science Fiction 

   Space Academy

Trivia  Text Box: There were three animals and two songs featured when this series aired.  Can you name them?*


Text Box: Answer
Jake-the Monkey, Fracture-Sunseed's bird, Loki's pet rabbit-Jumpin' Jupiter  and the songs sung by Gampu are,  Blow The Man Down, (Sea Chantey) and   he also chanted a ditty children used as a jump rope rhyme (and sometimes used as a counting rhyme for the game, Jacks or when playing Hop-Scotch)


Text Box: Only one cast member received an industry award for their work on Space Academy.  Who was it?*




Text Box: With the exception of  Eric Greene, the remaining 'cadet' ensemble were veteran actors.  
Pamlyn Ferdin and Brian Tochi had already worked together on Star Trek, in that famous episode, "And the Children Shall Lead", (1968).  
Ty Henderson was a Room 222 veteran and character/guest actor.  We get an interesting shot of his backside in The Competition!  (We never saw that side of his personality on Space Academy!)  He played Michael Jackson in a remake of J5!
Ric Carrott had the distinction of being on several shows in the 60's and 70's as character actor/guest.  
We see more of Maggie Cooper in the 80's and 90's.  She did a deodorant commercial.  
When Planet of The Apes was being aired, a very interested Eric Greene took notice and later wrote a social commentary about the series.

Text Box: Loki's hair was supposed to be blue!
Text Box: "Hide and Seek" was the first episode filmed.
Text Box:  The most feminist line:  "Easy, Laura."







A very famous computer programming expert, Maggie Cooper, lives in England.

She has never heard of the series Space Academy.

Text Box: ACTION FIGURES and ACCESSORIES were produced to boost the series' followship.  None really typify any of the actors featured or the actors' features.  The hanging tags sport catchy slogans:  
"Loki.  Everyone's' Mascot"
 "A Flying University Almost A City In Size"


* * * * *


Text Box: Answer
Most of the actors on Space Academy were child actors (or they claim to be). But only Eric Greene, Loki, was honored by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films in 1979 with a Saturn Award  for his talent in the Best Juvenile Acting category.

Pamelyn Ferdin, as Lt. Laura Gentry, had the shortest line:  "Running High" in "Johnny Sunseed".

We get to hear a really great, "Whoa!",  from Ty Henderson's, Lt. Paul Jerome in the episode, "Johnny Sunseed".

Other than the opening episode where viewers are introduced to the cast, "Johnny Sunseed" has the most unique 'firsts'.




Text Box: Those uniforms were rather intricate.  According to Eric Greene, they were probably made by the same costumers as the ones from The Planet of The Apes.  But whoever designed them, take note--they ride up at the wrong places!  We get to see definite panty lines on the male members of the team.  And, in one unfortunate episode, viewers get to see Adrian's underwear as she's hauled off to the medical ward.  They look bluish...could it be the old body suit idea so popular in the 70's.  If it is, do the guys wear them?  No one's talking--we may never know...                 




We never get to see the top Docking Bays!





Cloud Callout: They all played Chuck Cunningham on the the first Happy Days series!






Cloud Callout: What do Ric Carrott, Gavan O'Herlihy and Randolph Roberts all have in common?
Text Box: Loki:  Can disappear, see special frequencies and through things.  He carries the Amulet.
Tee Gar:  Has super strength, and great karate moves that break down doors!
Chris and Laura:  Can 'push' things with their minds, relocate themselves, and can hear each other's thoughts.  Most episodes show a different ability. 
Peepo amazes us with his ability to pilot, navigate, test particle samples and change the environment by emitting frequencies or gases.  Adaptable little guy!
Gampu:  Yes, he has special powers too!  He is able to look through the eyes of his brother, Sunseed, and can see what he sees.  This ability can be found in the last part of the series in "Johnny Sunseed".
Only Adrian and Paul do not have special powers. 


Holy Space Cadets, Batman!  Special Powers!











The character of the cocky, Matt Prentiss, played by mysterious, John Berwick, in "The Cheat" is the only human cross-over character from Space Academy to Jason of Star Command.  Peepo has a dual role as well.










             So, Just Where Did I Get My Information?

                My research comes from several  sources:

                Watching the videos and taking copious notes,

                a really cool interview with Eric Greene and

                 Don Pedro Colley  and with gracious emails

                 and conversations with Brian Tochi.  Also,

                from articles in Starlog, Star Trek, and Fangoria

                magazines and lots of websites!  I also own

                most of the pictures (bought copies, etc) or have

                permission to post these by the owners. 

            All information is accurate to the best of my ability.





        Do you know some great trivia?  Let me

        know.  If I can verify it, I'll add it to this

        site.  Contact me!



Loki plays a flute-like instrument (Lyratron) that no one can stand!


        Jason of Star Command had one book printed about finding Samantha.  It was published by Xerox and gives conflicting dates for Star Command (and one would assume, Space Academy as well) being in the 2500's.  Dragos has a large role in providing the evil forces at work in the universe and was rumored to have died two hundred years before Star Command/Space Academy was in existence.  And now, he's come back to life...    Bet 'cha didn't know THAT!








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